Tuesday, June 27, 2006

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! The Air Mobile Team enroute - Heading home!

June 27, 2006 - Tuesday 9:47am (Singapore Time) - Singapore Airport - Report submitted by Joe Hurston

A good flite from Jakarta to Singapore - we just landed. We have less than an hour and not a good internet connect (can't download photos). Our last day in Indonesia was amazing. We successfully trained and deployed our team of Mt. Merapi tour guides and they are in place in the shadow of the volcano. They understand that in the event of a disaster, they are to provide pure water to evacuees. Also, is the understanding that they are to provide pure water as needed in their community. During our time in Indonesia, we witnessed several dramatic events from the volcano. There are 70,000 people at risk in the volcano region.

When we get back to the states, we'll post a number of excellent photos depicting the culmination of our mission. Again, so much has been accomplished and we truly thank the Lord Jesus for being with us each step of the way.

Well, we have to run and catch a 19 hour NON-STOP flight to New York then work our way back to Orlando and home. Thanks again for your love , prayer and support!!

Joe, Cindy and Barbara (The Air Mobile Team enroute to the U.S.)

July 27, 2006 - Tuesday -5:40am (Indonesia Time)- Jakarta, Indonesia - Report submitted by Joe Hurston

The Air Mobile Team is about to board a flight to Singapore then the long, long flight home by way of New York, then Orlando. We'll be back in our office on June 29th. We have had an extremely successful trip. Will write more from Singapore and try to put up a couple of photos. Wow, so much has happened and above all, our Lord has moved mightily on this trip. God Bless! Gotta run catch our flight.

Joe, Cindy and Barbara (The Air Mobile Team!)

PS - Read down for amazing details of an amazing mission. We accomplished a lot on this trip. The Lord has truly been with us. Joe