Saturday, June 17, 2006

Air Mobile Team on the ground in Indonesia!

June 17, 2006 Saturday 2:27am (Indonesia time) - Report submitted by Joe Hurston

After a Non-stop flight of nearly 19 hours from Newark, NJ to Singapore we literally ran to our connecting flight into Jakarta, Indonesia. Once on the ground in Jakarta, our baggage did not all arrive. We patiently waited for the 3 remaining Voyager Voyagers TM to make it on the next couple of flights. Meanwhile, we bought a cell phone and have local Indonesian number and spent the next couple of hours lining up meetings, trainings and upgrading Vortex Voyagers TM in the field.

Our internal clocks are completely tumbled. There's an 11 hour time difference and our bodies hardly know if we're coming or going. There is definately something to "jet-lag". From the time we arrived at the Orlando International Airport on Wednesday afternoon, we have gone nearly 40 straight hours before laying down in a bed. Now, that's a long day!

Tomorrow, we fly to the Volcano region and press into the hardest hit areas. There are reports of an increase in bird flu and potential outbreak of tetanus in the region. There were several fairly strong earthquakes today in another region of Indonesia (Sulawesi Island) and this further demonstrates the tremendous instability of this area known as "The Ring of Fire". We are so blessed to be able to come here and help during this difficult time.

Meanwhile, another Air Mobile Team member, Cherie Hurston (my daughter) is on the Amazon River deploying Vortex Voyagers TM on Mission River boat that goes to isolated and needy areas. Cherie left on June 10, 2006. Please pray for her as she serves our Lord in that region.

Well, we have a full day tomorrow, better get to sleep. God Bless You and thanks again for praying for us as we trek deep into this region of suffering!

Joe and the Air Mobile Team