Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Air Mobile returns to "Ground Zero" and gives clean water to thirsty victims!

June 20, 2006 - Tuesday 9:43pm (Indonesia Time) - Solo, Indonesia - Report submitted by Joe Hurston

In our last report, the Air Mobile Team was heading to Jogja, Indonesia, an area devastated by the earthquake several weeks ago. We had a very productive day demonstrating / training different organizations on the Vortex Voyager TM (Samaritan's Purse, Food for the Hungry and the Cooperative Baptist). However, we ran out of time before we could get into some of the devasted areas to actually pump clean water from the contaminated wells for the refugees. We ran out of light and had to return to our base in Solo.

Today, Tuesday, we headed back to Jogja. We penetrated deeper into the destruction zones and found the Red Cross in the suburb of Batul. We demonstrated the Vortex Voyager TM to the leaders there and they are extremely interested in getting the Vortex Voyagers TM into all 17 affected disaster areas. They will be discussing these possibilities with their management and get back to us.

We then began looking for some hard hit areas and found a small tent city surrounded by rubble and destruction. Cindy asked the ladies at the entrance to a small, make-shift community if they needed clean water. In her limited Indonesian, she asked if they "wanted" clean water. They repeated again and again, want, want, want. In other words, yes, they really wanted / needed clean drinking water. Within minutes we had the little Vortex Voyager TM pumping very clean water from the very contaminated well. Soon, the water bottles began to appear and we began filling them. We filled every container that this community had!

It's difficult to explain the feeling of doing this. Something so simple as giving a cup of clean water to desperate people is one of the most rewarding things imaginable. This simple act of kindness and concern for their needs so clearly demonstrated God's love for them! Our Lord is so good to put us into this position. You have helped to send us here with your love, prayer and support!

Tomorrow, we head back to Mount Merapi. Our plan is to put a couple of Vortex Voyagers TM into position to help the residents of the that volatile mountain/volcano to have clean water instantly as they flee the volcano when it rumbles or erupts.

It's been a long day. Better close out for now. Will write tomorrow evening when we return from Mount Merapi. God Bless and thanks again for your love and prayer!!

Joe and the Air Mobile Team